Who We Are

Hearing Health Care Center is owned and operated by Carol Bergmann. She has her Au.D. and is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. Her knowledge in Audiology and hearing aids combined with her years of experience is demonstrated through her patient care. Carol has joined forces with the best Audiologists in St Louis to expand her Practice to offer the best hearing aids and hearing care to more people across St Louis.

The Latest & Best Hearing Aids

When dealing with the hearing impaired at the Hearing Health Care Center, our primary concern is the rehabilitation of the hearing impaired. Dispensing hearing aids is one way to achieve this goal. Therefore, we provide our patients with the latest and best hearing aids for their needs at a reasonable rate.

Cutting Edge Audiology

The Hearing Health Care Center is equipped with the latest technology in Audiology equipment, hearing aids and Assistive Listening Devices. Pediatric and adult hearing testing is administered. Appointments are preferred but not required. For more information or for an appointment please give us a call.

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Looking For the Best Hearing Aids & Hearing Care ?

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What We Do

Hearing Health Care is a business primarily created to be of service to people who have difficulties related to hearing disorders. It is also dedicated to promoting hearing conservation and protection for those individuals exposed to loud environments. This is office is established to provide diagnostic auditory evaluations for individuals of all ages.

Simply put, we are dedicated to helping you hear better

In addition to the diagnostic evaluations, the office is established to provide all non-medical aural rehabilitation services and products to individuals in need. This encompasses hearing aid dispensing including hearing aid screenings, evaluations, fittings and post-fitting counseling. Along with hearing aids, the office is equipped to dispense a range of assistive listening devices. Services to repair or modify the amplification devices are also performed in the office.

Although the office is established to primarily perform services for hearing-impaired individuals, we pride ourselves in how we treat our patients with professional respect. We ask our patients to trust our judgment and to have confidence in our test results, professional advice and products. All employees play an important part in building this confidence.

All of our office staff work together as a team, so that Hearing Health Care can provide the ultimate in service to our patients and be an efficient and positive place to work. Our goal is for all staff members and patients to find Hearing Health Care to be a pleasant and professional office!

In addition to traditional hearing aids, we are also a Lyric Provider. We have been a Premier Lyric Account in St. Louis since 2011. We successfully fit many of our patients with the Lyric, which is the truly 100% invisible and hassle free hearing aid. Contact us for more information.

Hearing Testing

Hearing Health Care provides hearing testing to individuals of all ages, from 3 years old to those over one hundred years old. The testing technique varies as a function of age, but audiologists aim to obtain information regarding an individuals ability to hear both tones and words in each ear to better determine an individuals hearing sensitivity.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

A thorough case history is taken before the hearing aid evaluation begins. At that time, patient complaints, concerns and questions are assessed regarding difficulties with communication.

After the hearing evaluations, the results are discussed with the patient. If testing reveals a sensorineural hearing loss, a hearing aid may be recommended for one or both ears.

It is important to remember hearing loss may affect individuals differently. There are certain degrees of hearing loss: mild, moderate, moderately-severe, severe, and profound. The size of the hearing aid depends on the severity of the hearing loss.

Retired Veteran Services

For our retired veterans we provide comprehensive audiometric evaluations for the purpose of hearing aid evaluations as well as for pension and compensation claims. Our comprehensive audiometric evaluations include air conduction and bone conduction testing with pure tones, tympanometry, as well as word recognition testing with the recorded Maryland CNC word list.