Hearing Aids for Every Lifestyle.

Welcome to Hearing Health Care Center, where we’ll take the time to find the best hearing aids for your unique lifestyle.

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Hearing Aids

At Hearing Health Care, Inc. we pride ourselves on fitting the highest-quality hearing aids available on the market today, expertly programmed to meet the demands of your lifestyle.

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Hearing Loss

Life is enriched by the experiences we have through our five senses: sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. Untreated hearing loss can have a dramatic affect on your quality of life.

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About Us

Our practice is locally owned and operated by audiologist, Carol Bergmann. Carol is passionate about helping people to hear better so they can enjoy their life to the fullest.

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We have three conveniently located offices to serve your hearing healthcare needs in West County, St. Charles and the Central Corridor. Check our map to find your nearest location…

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Welcome to Hearing Health Care Center.

Our expertise is measured by our commitment to patient satisfaction, continuing education, and the application of current technologies. We understand that “value” is not measured by price alone. Rather how well we meet your expectations for service — how well we translate our knowledge into customized hearing solutions and the quality of the experience we offer to you.

Why we’re different

Looking For The Best Hearing Aids in St Louis?

Take a look at the hearing aids we provide in our hearing centers across St Louis

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We provide our patients with the most advanced and appropriate hearing aids for their needs at a reasonable rate. The Hearing Health Care Center is equipped with the latest technology in Audiology equipment, hearing aids and Assistive Listening Devices. Pediatric and adult hearing testing is administered. Appointments are preferred but not required. For more information or for an appointment please give us a call.

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